Saturday, March 26, 2011

Swimming, Dancing, & Shish Kebabs

  • I haven't blogged in weeks and the natives are experiencing symptoms of withdrawal . . . so here are some updates. 
  • Bennett enjoyed his first morsels of dog food this week.  He's discovered if he can maneuver his walker to the dog dish, go up on one leg, and lean over . . . his arm will extend to the top of the mound of dog food.  He seemed to enjoy the Lamb and Rice blend (and commented that it tasted like a fine shish kebab dinner). 
  • Bad hair day:
  • He had his first swim last week at the Loveland Embassy Suites:  
  • Here he is hanging out with his lady friends in Loveland:
  • Ella, Bennett, & Emma
  • He's got Mom's smile and Dad's rhythm:

  • They say dentist's kids always have messed up teeth.  So, I anxiously await the eruption of each tooth and thoroughly inspect it to make sure it's in good order.  Thus far we are 6 for 6 defect-free (but if he keeps playing tough guy and bumping his head . . . there are chipped teeth in the future). 
  • This kid loves to laugh:

  • He's starting to climb the walls ala spiderman:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


  • Bennett has an affinity for my iphone.  After many evening games of keep away, last night I let him hold it.  Whenever I went to grab it from him he'd tighten his grip on it and pull it in towards his chest. I know for a fact, he's been listening to the Sharing Song, but I'm pretty sure that's not Dad's iphone anymore (in his eyes at least).
  • This evening I put some music on the iphone for him (and he somehow got to the facebook app on his own).  He doesn't seem to be impressed by Dave Matthews' vocals, but watch him break it down when the horns and harmonica kick in: