Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hey everybody.  It's Bennett.  Mom's gone and Dad is ignoring me.  So, I'm going stroke these keys so you know what's the haps.

Summer finally made it to the mountains.  I love being outside:  Hiking, playing in the grass, crawling around on the back deck . . . you name it. If I'm outside, I'm happy. 

Speaking of crawling, I'm about done with that nonsense.  I've about got this walking thing down (until mom puts shoes on me, Brux gets in my way, or Dad chases me down the hall). 

Last week was Fatherz Day.  I got to spend it with my Dad's Dad (aka Gido) and Dad.  We went for a hike and then had burgers in Beaver Creek.  (Don't worry, we did invite Grandma and Mommy too).

Why doesn't Daddy have white hair like us?
My other grandpa was climbing a ladder yesterday and fell from the sky.  He's in the hospital in Denver getting surgery on his back and L-bo.  I guess he won't be piching me fastballs or wrestling with me anytime soon.  Get better Poppy!

This photo is a violation of the patient privacy act and will likely get one of Poppy's daughters thrown in jail.

Since Momz in Denver with Pop.  Dad, Brux and I are at home alone (we call these days Dudesday (usually it's on Tuesday, but does it really matter?)).  Dad said we were going to have a guys weekend and said something about topless.  I was thinking "uh oh! mom's going to be mad about this topless thing when she gets home."  But, then Dad went to the garage and took the top off the Jeep.  Whew, I thought Dad was going to get us in trubble.  Riding in the Jeep just got funner. 

I took Dad to lunch today at Paddy's Irish Pub.  I was going to pay with my piggy bank money.  But, Dad is almost as lightening fast as Gido when it comes to grabbing the check. 
"I'll have the eggs benedict, extra english muffin and Hollandaise on the side"

Then we went to Home Deepo (it's not a guys day without a trip to the Deepo).  Dad says he's going to kill something.  He just bawt some spray so it's either bugs or weeds.

Dad, the Roundup is in aisle one!

We were going to the bike store (I suggested we go to the trike store) and Dad got mad that they were closed.  On the dore was a sine that said "RIDING".

Oh ya, one last thing.  Imma Monster!


B.D. Maloley
(B.D. is for "Big Deal" or "Bad Dude", your choice)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


  • In preparation for the upcoming football season, I successfully taught Bennett an very important skill (Go Big Red!): 
Mr. Touchdown USA from David M on Vimeo.

  • How intuitive is the ipad?  A 1 year old can navigate it.  I downloaded a PBS Kids app this morning and he was having fun playing videos of Elmo, Cat in the Hat, Dinosaur Train, etc:  

  • He had one of his roughest days yesterday.  The pollen is all over the place (literally coating the back deck).  Bennett reminded me of my Army days when the showoff soldiers (not me) would intentionally keep their gas mask off during gas chamber training.  They'd come running out of the chamber with teary eyes, snot and drool.  Thanks to zyrtec he's feeling much better today (there were enough tears yesterday to last a week).