Tuesday, December 25, 2012

An open letter to my son - Part 30

Research shows that once our basic life needs (food, water, shelter, love) are met, happiness has little to do with your circumstances.  Develop an inner serenity that doesn't wavier.  Your mindset will determine your happiness . . . nothing more and nothing less.

Friday, December 14, 2012

An open letter to my son - Part 29

Son, I just put you down for a nap.  Moments later I hear of a senseless crime that has occurred in Connecticut.  A gunman walked into an elementary school only to extinguish innocence and destroy lives. 

The specifics are yet to come to the surface.  But suffice it to say that the general sentiment will be "What is this world coming too?"  and "There is so much evil in this world!"

This event makes me incredibly sad for that community.  But as easy as it is to turn negative on this story, I can't completely go there. 

Most people I know are good and trustworthy.   Rest assured, there will be more love in Newtown, CT tonight than any town has ever felt. 

Please don't let the all too frequent news of these heinous outliers corrupt your view of the world. Just be an intensely good human . . . and surround yourself with more of the same.  There is an abundance of goodness when you look for it. 

When you wake up, I'll hug you a little tighter than usual and I'll be certain you know how much I love you.  That moment won't be good . . . it will be great!