Thursday, August 11, 2011


  • Bennett is always bringing me books to read (My First Farm, Dr. Seuss, etc.).  Tonight he had an unusual request.  He wanted to crawl up in my lap with this bit of nonfiction (a sommelier in the making???):
  • Monday Night Football was on TV tonight (yes on a Thursday.  Don't ask me.  Direct your questions to ESPN HQ Bristol, Connecticut).  Bennett spontaneously signaled "Touchdown" with both hands in the air.  Now, there wasn't really a touchdown . . . but I was impressed nonetheless.  
  • I queued up some music on my iphone when I was giving Bennett a bath tonight.  Suddenly bath time turned into dance party (him, not me.)  Very funny. 
  • Bennett's first deliberate word is "Up".  He uses it early and often.  He also seems to be a master climber of furniture and whatnot.  Coincidence?  I think not.  He may have been meant to grow up in the mountains (baby with an altitude).  
  • Bennett loves chasing Brux around the living room.  Oftentimes Brux either doesn't know he's being chased or is completely disinterested in the game.  Bennett laughs hysterically regardless.  
  • Some random summer photos:
We got Bennett a hot tub.  (easy on the hot, heavy on the tub)
Cheeser (the "S" stands for salesman)

"Hank, I'm about to give you a knuckle sandwich"

They call me the fireman, that's my name.
Making my rounds all over town, putting out old flames.