Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Broken Bow

- This morning I was sitting in the kitchen having breakfast.  Bennett came around the corner with a proud smile on his face and said, "Hey Dad, here's your glasses!" (In baby babble, of course).  He had part of them in each hand.  (His thinking: two are better than one)  (My thinking:  an optimist thinks these glasses are half fixed, but they really look half broken to me).  Bennett must of known that he had to break them this month  . . . while they're still under warranty.
-  You've seen his dance moves before.  But have you ever seen him get funky on the dance floor?:

-   Watching music videos of Elmo have become a daily routine for Bennett and I.  You should have seen my jaw hit the floor when Bennett said "Ah-Choo" right on cue when the duck sneezed. (45 seconds in on the video below)  I could not believe it!  So, I replayed it again with Karah in the room.  Sure enough, "ah-choo" right on cue!  He's got the stinkin' song memorized:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rock & Roll