Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas and stuff

  Hey everybody.  Dad is watching football and we just dropped Mom off so she cood skee at Beaver Creek.  So . . . this laptop is all mine (if I can just keep it on my lap. Steady). 
   I just turned 8 months old . . . and not a present from anyone of you?  Whatz up with that?  I made out like a bandit at Christmas.  Lots off cool, colurful toys.  But I really liked the boxes and rapping paper best.  Rapping paper makes great sounds (and is also delicious, I might add).
   I saw lots of family at last month.  The Dankenbring side came to Colorado for Christmas and we drove to Nebraska for New Years.  Nebraska so cold it hurt and the Huskers offense was offensive in the bowl game.  I bought Grandma and Gido mugs with my mug on it: 

Coffee with Sugar
  I recently learned how to get whatever I want.  I just turn up the VOLUME.  I can holler real good now and I have been working on this ear-piercing scream that makes Dad go insane.  I have also been chasing my puppy all over the house in my walker.  You should see the terror in Bruxy's eyes when I come for him.  It makes me giggle. 
   I been saying "Dadda" a lot, but these adults won't give me credit for my first word.  Do expect me to talk in complete sentences or sit at the computer and rite a paragraph? :) They are so demanding and not as smart as they think. They need to check out this article I read in the New York Times:  New survey shows 'dadda' most likely to be baby's first word
I can't stop rubbing my eyes. I feel a nap coming on.  Off to da crib.  Laters - B.

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