Sunday, January 30, 2011

Man in the mirror

  • Bennett is approaching his 9th month.  Rolling is his favorite mode of transportation.  But, he's on his hands and knees this week and it looks like there is a crawl in the near future.
  • When Bennett started making predictable, replicable sounds a few weeks ago . . .  It was all da-da-daddy.  Something happened this week (I've accused Karah of brainwashing while I'm at work), but he will no longer make the da-da sounds (Boooooo!) and it's all about ma-ma-mam ma-ma-mommy (and an occasional Ba-ba-ba for whatever reason). 
  • Bennett pretty much "owns" Brux at this point . . . especially, when he's in his walker.  Bennett is becoming an expert at running over toes and Achilles (including Brux's).  He often gets Brux cornered and is unmerciful in releasing (or in this case not releasing Brux).  Also note that he's so intent in keeping Brux out that he doesn't acknowledge my presence at all:  
  • Here's another funny little vid.  Bennett must think he's good looking.  When he discovers the mirror, he wastes no time starting to admire himself:

  • There's a pretty good chance that Bennett will be a daredevil.  He rarely cries when injured, he has thrill seeker tendencies, he has lots to climb (jump off of, ski down, etc.) in his backyard and he seems a little to interested in the Xgames that are on ESPN right now.   
  • Bennett bought me a great book recently (he must think I could use a few parenting pointers). If I Were Your Daddy, This is What You'd Learn. It is a collection of chapters by 35 dads talking about teaching what they believe to be the most important lessons to their kids. Although I'm only about 1/4 of the way through it, I highly recommend it for both mothers and fathers (actually, anyone could learn a lot about themselves from this book). Here's a little more info on it:

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