Saturday, February 12, 2011

Crawl space

-Bennett had his nine month check on Thursday:
  • Tale of the tape:  23 lbs, 29.25" (~80th percentile)
  • He received a shot in each thigh (simultaneously).  He had a hearty scream and cry for all of 3 seconds.  He collected himself, gave the nurse a dirty look and pout, and then it was like nothing happened (I didn't tell him that he should not let the girls see him cry.  He must have just enough testosterone to know that innately).
  • She mentioned that he'd be crawling soon (sure enough (see below)).    

The heart of rock n' roll is still beatin'

-Bennett made his first crawling movements last night (he was going after the keys, but he's not ready to drive just yet).  We busted out the camcorder at the end of the action:

-More wrestling matches with the stuffed animals:
Where's Waldo?

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